Intercultural Management

The globalization of the economy has been a reality for decades. For most companies , the number of customers , partners, suppliers , colleagues and foreign markets will continue to increase in the coming years .

In this context , companies need employees better prepared to adapt to other cultural realities.

“Intercultural Management” is a tool to reduce productivity losses due to cultural misunderstandings and to take advantage of complementarities.

An “Intercultural Management” training is also an opportunity for the participants to reflect on their usual way of doing things with their advantages and disadvantages (self-awareness), to learn from others and to become a more complete professional (self-development).

My courses are a synthesis of the works of the most renowned researchers in this area (Hofstede, Trompenaars , Hall … ) and of my own intercultural experiences ( living and working in 3 countries , travelling to 30 countries and more than 15 years in this field of intercultural management teaching courses to participants from over 90 countries ).

The courses are entertaining and participative; participants think about their personal preferences, answer questions, solve cultural dilemmas…