Creativity Workshop

A workshop aimed at companies who want to enhance their creativity. In this workshop participants reflect on the creative process and practice recognized creativity techniques.

In an increasingly competitive world, the future belongs to innovators who are able to see things that others don’t: products, services, business models …

Cultural diversity is a source of creativity. Creativity, in turn, generates diversity … My passion for cultural diversity led naturally to my interest in creativity and innovation.



A participative course in which participants learn and practice creativity techniques to solve creative challenges.

  • Being creative: Why?

Benefits of creativity on a personal and organizational level .

  • Why aren’t we more creative ?

Obstacles to creativity. How to overcome them ?

  • How to be more creative?

Characteristics of very creative people. What can we learn from them ?

  • Habits of creative people

Things we should do (and not do) to be more creative.

  • Creativity techniques

Everyone can be creative when he / she is willing to learn and use recognized creativity techniques. “Lateral Thinking “ proposes several techniques to generate a large number of ideas and alternatives:

  • “Brainstorming”

A well-known technique but how to use it effectively?

  • “The Six Thinking Hats” by Edward de Bono.

All the participants think together in the same direction (emotional , critical , positive, creative … )

  • “Reversal Method”

A provocative technique consisting in questioning the basic assumptions about the creative challenge. Very powerful !

  • “Random word”

Forces to think “from outside of the idea ” a condition for imagining truly original alternatives.

  • “Scamper”

Participants asked themselves some key questions to improve an idea.

  • “Mind Map”

A technique to organize visually our ideas and share them with others.

  • “Blue Ocean Strategy”

Do not try to beat competitors. Make them irrelevant!



  • The workshop introduces creativity techniques developed by recognized investigators (Osborn, de Bono, Michalko, Chan and Mauborgnee…).
  • It is a participative workshop where trainees use the creativity techniques learned to solve some creative challenges.

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