Intercultural Marketing

In an increasingly global world where barriers to trade and to international exchanges constantly diminish, cultural differences remain the single most enduring feature that has to be taken into consideration.

Understanding what is country-specific and what is universal is essential for the design of marketing strategies that can be successfully implemented across national markets.

The culturally competent marketing people combine the search for global competitiveness with the necessary adjustment for local success. The dilemma they have to solve is: “Standardize as much as possible, customize as much as needed”.

The training objective is:

– To increase the awareness of the impact of culture on international marketing.
– To provide a sound knowledge of the most significant cultural dimensions and their impact on the 4 P’s of the marketing mix. For example:


  • Cultural differences in consumer behaviour
  • Culture-bound and culture-free products
  • Standardization or customization of product attributes
  • Symbolic attributes: colours, shapes, numbers..
  • The concept of service
  • The national imagess
  • Market research


  • Bargaining
  • The price – quality relationship


  • Sales promotion customs and laws
  • Aattitudes and preferences towards advertising
  • Communication styles


  • Channels of distribution
  • Sales force management
  • Bribery
  • Buyer – seller relationship
  • The national negotiation styles

The course combines the trainer´s background in marketing management (consumer goods and distribution in three countries) and his passion for cultural differences.

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