Intercultural Negotiation

Aimed at companies who want to know how to adapt their negotiation style when doing business internationally.

In an increasingly global world, being culturally competent is a necessity for all those who must negotiate with people from other cultures: foreign superiors, colleagues, co-workers, partners, customers…

      The negotiator who knows the cultural preferences of his/her foreign partners is able to anticipate what is likely to happen in a cross-cultural negotiation. He/she can adapt and manage it in a more effective way. He/she saves time in trips and unnecessary meetings, reduces the costs and his/her level of stress and improves his/her results.


In this training, the participants will learn:

  • How to improve their cross-cultural communication.
  • How to increase their credibility and to generate more trust.
  • How to make more convincing business presentations.
  • The impact of the cultural vision of time on the negotiation process, planning, objectives, delivery dates.
  • How culture determines the way of solving problems.
  • How foreign partners make their decisions.
  • How foreign negotiators see a business contract and a price.
  • How culture determines the attitude towards uncertainty, change, risks


Training objective:

  • To provide a good knowledge of the cultural dimensions and of their impact on international negotiation.
  • To let the participants know their personal preferences and to give them the opportunity to compare them to other countries.
  • To provide practical tools to improve the effectiveness of cross-cultural negotiation.

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