Managing Diversity

Aimed at companies who want to manage more effectively their internal diversity not only in terms of nationality but also of gender, age, kind of work…

Diversity is an unstoppable reality in our society and in our organizations: Migrations create multicultural population; globalisation puts us in contact with customers, partners and colleagues of other nationalities; mergers and acquisitions gather employees with different corporate cultures; in the organizations people with different occupational cultures have to work together (engineers, salespeople, accountants..); an increasing number of women get into the labour market; the average age of the workforce is increasing; European directives and national laws forbid discrimination in the workplace whatever the origin (race, religion, belief, sexual orientation, handicap..)..

Each of us sees the world in a different way. This vision is influenced by culture (country, sector, profession…), gender, personality, age, life experiences, personal circumstances…

Well managed cultural differences can improve productivity in organizations (more ideas, more creativity…) ; poorly managed cultural differences can reduce productivity (misunderstandings , tensions, conflicts … ) .


From “Working across cultures” by Martin J. Gannon

The future belongs to organizations who can benefit from the diversity of views and approaches of all employees to turn in innovation, creativity and flexibility. This implies a model of original organization that leaves the individual a sufficient space to express their potential and create something different freedom.

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